Meeting Dates

All webconferences begin at 12 noon Eastern unless noted below and are also both recorded and summarized for our international members and those with schedule conflicts.

2019:   1/10, 2/7, 3/7, 4/4, 5/2, 6/6, 7/11, 8/1, 9/5, 10/3, 11/7, 12/5.
2020:   1/9, 2/6, 3/5, 4/2, 5/7, 6/4, 7/2, 8/6, 9/10, 10/8, 11/5, 12/3.
2021:   1/4, 2/1, 3/1, 4/5, 5/3, 6/7, 7/12, 8/2, 9/6, 10/4, 11/1, 12/6.

Meeting Topics and Discussion Leaders.

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Pfizer, Robert Hathaway, Director, Leadership, Education and Global Effectiveness.
  Discussing: "Courageous Conversations in Leadership Learning."

Whirlpool, Tamara Patrick, Global Director, Whirlpool University.
  Discussing: "A Corporate University Re-Invents Itself."

Neiman Marcus, Keith Meyerson, Director, Learning & Development.
  Discussing: "The Changing Role of Learning & Development."

Avon Products, Andrea Procaccino, Global Head, Learning & Development - Global Talent Management.
  Discussing: "Using Virtual/Avatar Based Training Environments to Reach a Global Workforce."

QUALCOMM, Tamar Elkeles, Vice President of Learning & Development.
  Discussing: "Managing and Gettng the Most of Training Staff."

Cox Communications, Quinn Leoni, Director of Training and Organizational Development and Recruiting.
  Discussing: "Leader as an Influencer."

Dow Corning, Ed Colbert, Global Director, Talent Management.
  Discussing: "Career Development Case Study."

CBS, Jeff Fanselow, Director Learning & Development.
  Discussing: "Using Assessments."

The Weather Channel, Jan McKenzie, Director of Training and Development.
  Discussing: "What Do You Teach in a Recession? A Resurgence in the Need to Connect and Communicate."

7-Eleven, Vickie Canon, Manager of 7-Excel University.
  Discussing: "Proving Credibility Through Measurement."

Rosetta Stone, Pete Rumpel, Vice President.
  Discussing: "Building a Culture of Excellence in Learning Area."

Time Warner Turner Broadcasting, Michelle Kilroy, Director, Talent Development.
  Discussing: "New Employee On-boarding."

Unisys, Andy Lee, Global Portfolio Director.
  Discussing: "Unified Social Business: Solutions to Critical Knowledge Transfer."

Midas International, Brian Watkins, Director of Training.
  Discussing: "Measuring and Driving Results."

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lila Levy, Faculty Development Manager.
  Discussing: "e-Training and e-Development for Managers."

PayPal, Nina Swanson, Senior Manager, Organizational Development and Learning.
  Discussing: "Training to Performance Consulting: A Journey NOT a Destination!"

Bristol-Myers Squibb, Anita Russell, Manager, R&D Skill Development.
  Discussing: "New Employee Engagement, Immersion & Learning."

Dollar Tree Stores, Lisa Hall, Director of Field Training and Development.
  Discussing: "Re-Inventing a Culture, One Person at a Time."

Banner Health, Robin B. Hollis, Senior Director of Learning & Development.
  Discussing: "Creating a Leadership Academy - Leadership Development Strategies."

Harrah's, Michelle Hayes, Employee Relations and Communications Manager.
  Discussing: "Engaging Employees During A Tough Economy."

Intuit, Chris Galy, Director, Talent Planning and Recruiting.
  Discussing: "Our Talent Planning Journey."

Midas International, Brian Watkins, Director of Training.
  Discussing: "Measuring and Driving Results."

Pier 1 Imports, Sharon Leite, Executive Vice President, Stores.
  Discussing: "Rebuilding a Culture."

Constellation Energy, Stephen King, Chief Learning Officer.
  Discussing: "Leveraging Technology to Enable Learning & Performance."

Agilent, Sally Nowak, Global Program Manager.
  Discussing: "Global Learning and Leadership Development."

University of Virginia, Darden Graduate School of Business, Martin Davidson, Chief Diversity Officer.
  Discussing: "Learning to Leverage Difference."

Oracle, Jonathan Vinoskey, Learning Management Product Strategist.
  Discussing: "Training, Learning, and Performance Improvement."

Dell, Sallia Bandy, Manager of Global IT Technical Training Operations.
  Discussing: "Aligning Structure to the Learning Group's Deliverables."

Hilton Hotels, Ellyn Lambert, Manager - Sales Training and Development.
  Discussing: "Building a Culture of Excellence in the Learning Area."

ChoicePoint, Laura Young, Director of Diversity and Talent Development.
  Discussing: "Assessing and Developing Talent Through Coaching and Mentoring."

The Boeing Company, Sonja Alseike, Auditor-Corporate Audit.
  Discussing: "Corporate Training and Development."

YRC Worldwide, Mike Brown, Vice President-Strategic Planning & Marketing Communications.
  Discussing: "Taking the No Out of InNOvation."

Oracle Corporation, Jonathan Vinoskey, Learning Management Product Strategist.
  Discussing: "Unleashing Innovation and Performance."

iFive Alliances, Paul Terlemezian, President.
  Discussing: "Social Learning."

AMF Bowling Worldwide, Tony Ponsiglione, VP HR.
  Discussing: "Human Resources Tactics in a Turnaround."

Capital One University, Matt Stevens, Senior Director, Enterprise Learning.
  Discussing: "Client Interaction Model Overview."

Panda Restaurant Group, Jim Abraham, Human Resources Director.
  Discussing: "Creating a Culture of Learning within your Organization."

Air Products and Chemicals, Rebecca Bechtel, Manager, Peoples College America's Region.
  Discussing: "Global Management Development Solutions."

Raytheon, Tracy Cox, Director of Raytheon Enterprise Integration.
  Discussing: "Organizational Network Analysis to Improve Organizational Effectiveness."

Standard Parking Corporation, Tracy Lendi, Director of Training and Development.
  Discussing: "Donít Get Kicked Off the Island! Tactical Methods to Ensure Training is a Survivor during Budget Season."

American Express, Jeanette Harrison, Vice President, Learning.
  Discussing: "Network Using Emerging Technology to Strengthen Training & Development."

Cross Country Healthcare, Dr. Franklin A. Shaffer, Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer.
  Discussing: "Training Best Practices from Building a Corporate University."

Kolter Solutions, Marcie Lushen, Director of Recruitment.
  Discussing: "Successful Succession Planning."

General Mills , Inna Elsner, QRO Training & Development Manager.
  Discussing: "Winning Strategies and Best Practices for Global Knowledge Transfer."

Ericsson, Peter Sheppard, Global Head of Learing Excellence.
  Discussing: "Transforming Learning."

General Mills, Liz Smith, Continuous Improvement Manager.
  Discussing: "From PowerPoint to Experiences: Transforming Technical Training."

3M, Ann Cushman, Training Developer.
  Discussing: "Learning Transformation."

7-Eleven, Allessandria Polizzi, Director of Learning & Development.
  Discussing: "Learning Case Study."

SAP America, Ari Katanick, Vice President and Learning Officer.
  Discussing: "Skills Transformation Enablement Methods."

University of Pheonix, Alan Faulk, National Training Manager.
  Discussing: "Powerful Storytelling: Stories that Move Individuals to Action.."

EMC, Tom Clancy, Vice President, Education Services.
  Discussing: "Transforming the Workforce in a Rapidly Changing Work Environment."

Rotary, Angela Howard, Organization Development and Change Partner.
  Discussing: "Journey to an Engaged Workforce."

AstraZeneca, Mike Hardman, VP IMI Collaborations.
  Discussing: "Working towards a Framework for Continuing Professional Development."

Parsons, Dave Schlesinger, Training Manager.
  Discussing: "Instructor Excellence."

Marriott, Ted Stodolka, Global Sales & Customer Care.
  Discussing: "Gamification."

Pepsi, Denise Stonsby, Senior Manager.
  Discussing: "Action Learning... Creating a Global Approach to Developing High Potentials."

Transamerica, Adam Yasneski, Director of Training.
  Discussing: "Navigating your e-Learning Transformation."

Vonage, Bill Solomon, VP, Customer Care.
  Discussing: "Learning & Development for Contact Centers."

Cooper Tire, Elicia Davis, Manager of Talent Development.
  Discussing: "Talent Management Process."

Pearson Education, Susan Bernardo, Manager, Training & Development.
  Discussing: "People Development Through Telecourses."

Papa John's International, Brent Engel, Senior Manager, Operations Support & Training.
  Discussing: "Building a Corporate University."

Fairchild Semiconductor, Debra Schuler, Senior Learning and Development Manager.
  Discussing: "Launching a Global Management / Leadership Development Program."

Citrix, Neily Buff, Senior Manager, America's Education Sales.
  Discussing: "Virtual Training Best Practices."

Xerox, Joyce Geier, Director, Competency Development.
  Discussing: "Designing Culture, Designing Learning: A Case Study."

Berlitz, Diane McGreal, Director Intercultural Mobility Solutions.
  Discussing: "The Journey to Cultural Competency."

Intuit, Jill Coln, Learning and Development Manager.
  Discussing: "Designing for Delight: Treating Employees as Customers."

Agilent, Pete Cage, Global Learning & Leadership Development.
  Discussing: "Learning as Part of Work, Not Apart From Work"

AutoNation, Ken Gregson, Director of Variable Operations & Training.
  Discussing: "Introducing Learning Technologies into a Pure ILT Culture."

Lucasfilm, Andrea Robb, Sr. Manager, Leadership Development & People Strategy.
  Discussing: "Training and Development Case Study."

Tyco, A.J. Ripin, Vice President, Strategic Engagement.
  Discussing: "Leveraging the Latest Learning Technologies."

Citi, Rob Robertson, SVP, Strategy Standards & Innovation.
  Discussing: "SharePoint in Support of Learning Organizations."

Wiley, Kevin Kelly, Director, Wiley Learning Institute.
  Discussing: "Flipping Professional Development."

Zurich Insurance Company, Thorsten Klein, Head Talent, Learning, Organizational Effectiveness.
  Discussing: "People & Leadership Challenges in MENA."

Philips, Marcia Trajano, Technical Training Manager.
  Discussing: "The ROI of our Techincal Training Certification Program."

Turner Broadcasting System, Karen Most, Digital Training Manager.
  Discussing: "Digital University Training Tips."

Pfizer, Robert Hathaway, Dir Leadership Ed.
  Discussing: "Courageous Leadership Learning."

Xerox, Karen Johnson, Mgr eService Learning.
  Discussing: "eServices Learning & Kaizen."

U.S. GAO, Carol Willett, CLO.
  Discussing: "Building a Strong Learning Stakeholder Network."

Cerner, Robert Campbell, VP of Learning.
  Discussing: "Corporate University Positive ROI."

Intel, Gloria Pearson, eLearning Manager.
  Discussing: "Corporate Compliance Training Excellence."

Randstad, Greg Dillon, Learning Mgr.
  Discussing: "Reducing Time to Competency in New Hires."

Peace Corps, Michael Densley, Chief Overseas Training.
  Discussing: "Global Diversity & Learning."

Capital One, Michael Walker, Dir Learning Operations.
  Discussing: "Using Emerging Technology to Strengthen Training and Development."

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